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Oil Tank Security

Dont be a victim of oil theft this winter

Tanksafe Registered Design No  4021958                                                               


Introducing the Tanksafe a plastic coated steel enclosure which will protect your valuable heating oil from theft.


The Tanksafe has a small door for filling the oil tank which is hinged and is locked at the top. All fittings are made from stainless steel so corrosion will never be an issue.


The Tanksafe has a panel which can be removed to service the oil tank valve and gauge or to switch off the oil in an emergency. This panel can only be removed when the Tanksafe is unlocked.


Mr and Mrs D, Rock.

After having a tank full of oil pinched I decided to try and do something to secure our oil tank. I called Oil Tanks Cornwall for some advice, we now have a Tank Safe installed. In doing so i can now leave our holiday home and not worry about losing oil. Not only does the Tank Safe Protect our heating oil it also looks much nicer than our old oil tank.

Thanks very much to Jon at Oil Tanks Cornwall.

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